Taxation of Political Parties : Everything You Ever Wanted to Know !

    taxation of political parties

    There is great interest in political parties funding and use of black money. Every time , one talks about the funding of political parties in India , the taxation provisions comes into picture. Fo readers , an easy to understand video and frequently asked questions have been prepared . It is suggested that first the...

    Section 80G Deduction Calculator !

    Deduction u/s 80G

    Section 80G of the Income Tax Act provides the deduction for donations to all kinds of assessee –from Individual to Company. However, the real puzzle for a simple taxpayer is to know how deduction is available , because donation to all the organization , do not entitle same amount of deduction while computing total income....

    Assessee Expired After Selling House ? Can Legal Representative Claim Exemption u/s 54 or 54F ?


    The unfortunate situation that an assessee sold the property – house or any other long term capital asset , but before he could either buy the new residential property or construct the house , the untimely death knocked at the door and family lost him. The legal representative of the deceased person will have to...

    Due Date for Filing Return in J & K Extended !

    CBDT has extended the due date for filing of return for assessment year 2014-15 for the assessee of Jammu & Kashmir . Read the CBDT Circular below :   F.No.225j268j2014jITA.II Government   of India Ministry  of Finance Department   of Revenue Central   Board  of Direct  Taxes North-Block,  ITA.II Division New Delhi, the   28th   of November,  2014 Order ...


    stock register

    No Penalty for Not Keeping Stock Books or Registers !

    Many times the assessing officer carries survey u/s 133A of the Income Tax Act and one of the finding may be not finding the stock books or registers. For such a lapse on part of b Full Story »

    Investment Guide

    debt funds

    4 Reasons Why Debt Fund is Still Better Than Fixed Deposits !

    This site had earlier posted an article Tax Planning :Debt Funds better Than FD , It Gives Tax Free & TDS Free Return ! That article was written when the debt mutual fund was b Full Story »