Ask Question -Individual Other Than NRI

Affordable tax solution is now forĀ inidviduals who are resident of India. For all others , separate package is available. Please click for all other types of persons

Who can buy this product ?

Only Individuals who are resident of India and desire sto ask question related to Income Tax issues under Income Tax Act.

How the Question is asked ?

  1. After successful payment, a form for asking question will appear automatically .
  2. Fill up all the fields and ask the question .
  3. You can also upload the relevant documents .

Can You record the question ?

Yes, after you fill up the form , you will get a telephone number . Call the number and record your question. This is optional.

How the answer will be given ?

  • The answer will be sent by mail as pdf within 3 days .
  • The answer will contain the relevant extract of the case decision by Tribunal or High Court or Supreme Court.
  • If there is need , we may also contact you for further clarification . The contact may be done by email or telephone.

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