4 Reasons Why Debt Fund is Still Better Than Fixed Deposits !

This site had earlier posted an article Tax Planning :Debt Funds better Than FD , It Gives Tax Free & TDS Free Return !...
tax planning

Tax Planning for Property Owned through Will or Inheritance or Gift or Succession

Buying is only one way of becoming owner of property. In India, people become owner of the property through WILL or Gift or as...
creating private trust

Create Private Trust for Daughter or Handicapped Children : Why & How

Creating Private Trust can be good future planning for any child, wife or loved ones about whom you may be concerned with questions like...
inherited property

Tax Planning for Inherited Property Sale !

Selling inherited property ( other than agricultural land  which is not a capital asset  under Income Tax Act) does give rise to income (generally...
tax planning

Clubbing of Income u/s 64 Can Also be Amazing Tax Planning !

Clubbing of income of children u/s 64(1A ) of the Income Tax Act is a law for restricting taxpayers to evade tax by distributing...
equity derivatives

Future & Options Gainers: 2 Quick Tax Planning Tips

There are recent developments affecting tax treatment of derivative transactions in India. It is perhaps known to everyone derivative transactions or in other words...



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