Sahara Case Fallout : What CIT & CCIT Rank Officials Should Be Beware of !


The Sahara case before Supreme Court has jolted the hon’ble judges presiding over the case so much that they have proposed legislation of  Code of Compulsory Compensation to tackle the frivolous appeals . Here is  the news titled “Make Senseless Litigants Pay : SC “ in the Times of India dated 7th May 2014  :

“..the Supreme Court on Tuesday sent a request to Parliament: please enact a ‘Code of Compulsory Compensation’ (CCC).

“The suggestion to the legislature is to formulate a mechanism that anyone who initiates and continues a litigation senselessly, pays for the same. It is suggested that the legislature should consider introduction of a ‘Code of Compulsory Cost’,” said a bench of Justices K S Radhakrishnan and J S Khehar.

Citing the Sahara case, the bench said Indian judiciary was grossly afflicted with frivolous litigation and the need was to find ways and means to deter litigants from their compulsive obsession towards senseless and ill-considered claims.”

This law , if legislated , may affect all the persons who are filing frivolous appeals as per the Court.But it is no secret that  the senior revenue officials of the rank of the Commissioner & Chief Commissioner working under CBDT & CBEC may be the most affected authorities on account of such legislation. Why ? The reason is not hard to find .

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