Relief u/s 89(1) for arrear salary simplified with Excel Tool !Download it.

Relief u/s 89(1) for arrear salary simplified with Excel Tool !Download it.
Central and State govt employees pay were revised in recent past on account of Sixth Pay Commission . So all govt. staff received lots of arrear payments for which now they are going to file return of Income . Naturally , one of the central concern among them is whether any  relief  from high tax on account arrear payments they received during FY 2009-10  are available. Yes, they can claim relief from tax on arrears received as per section u/s 89(1)  of

What Deduction is Allowable For Persons Spending on Relative Suffering From Cancer ?

Can any Govt. staff member's Medical Reimbursement of Blood Cancer of son should deducted from income tax? Is there any tax exemptions for the same? Pandit Shashank , Kolahpur Yes, u/s 80DDB a person who spends on his spouse, children, parents, brothers and sisters of the individual or any of them who are  suffering from malignant cancer or hemophilia or thalasaeimia  can claim deduction of Rs 60,ooo in case patient is 65 years or more in case of patient

Is Children Education Allowance Taxed Twice?

Why children education allowance  is taxable ? The amount expended on Children Edu is paid from salary and taken into account for tax calculation, again when the same amount considered as income when it is reimbursed as CEA? Earlier RTF was also considered in the same way. F Saxena, Katni Children Education allowance is not taxed twice . All allowance is taxable income except for any express exemption granted. Under section 10(14)(ii) certain payments in nature reimbursement are also