How Can I Get Income Tax Ombudsman Address ?

Central government , among many , new initiative to interact and better service to ordinary tax payers , have created the posts of ombudsman in some cities -New Delhi,Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad,Ahmedabad, Pune, Kanpur, Chandigarh, Bhopal and Kochi.etc......having wide territorial jurisdiction. The ombudsman are independent authority created to settle grievance of the taxpayers. He

Will I Have to File Return For Rental Income in India and Pay Tax in India & USA Both?

tax on rental income of non resident Indian : I am an NRI and  USA citizen. I received house from  my father , after his death.I am getting some rental income from this house . D I have to file income tax return or I can show this income in my USA return.Do I need a PAN ? If yes, how to apply? PLEASE