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CBDT has notified on 8/4/2010 the Zero coupon Bond to be issued by Regional Electric corporation in coming months as bond for the pupose of section 2(48) of the I T Act which defines what is Zero Coupon Bond. The summary of the issues as per notification is as under

(a) period of

I want to know the tax calculation of mutual fund. How the tax calculated and what is capital gain. Sunil Prajapati The mutual fund transaction by any one can bring two kinds of income 1. Capital Gains or loss if you are showing bought units as investment 2. Trading gains if you are actually doing

For the purpose of transfer of flat from a builder or anyone, the question ceratinly hounds mind of tax payer when he sits to decide whther the gain from sale of the house is short tern capital gains or long term capital gains An updated post should be read at .For deciding the nature of gains ,…...