Video : How to Decide if Form 15CA or 15CB Required For Payments to Non Residents


Form 15CA or 15CB are online forms for facilitating the remittance of money to non residents .Now the Form 15CA has part A and Part B . Then the accountant certificate is required in Form 15CB . Every payment or remittance to Non Resident has to be seen from angle of withholding tax or whether one requires to deduct the tax at source  and if not which form (s) – Part A of Form 15CA or Part B of Form 15CB or Form 15CB- are required to be field with the authorized dealers . In fact ,banks or authorized dealer will not remit the money to non- resident , unless you furnish to them either the prescribed forms or a non deduction certificate from assessing officer . CBDT has modified the Rule 37BB of the Income Tax Rule and put in place online system for easy compliance of withholding tax provision u/s 195 of the Income Tax ,further provided that  Form 15CA or 15CB Not Required for 28 Types of Payments . Following video is a help in that direction to know quickly if you require to file Form 15CA or 15CB to the bank

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