15 More Senior IRS Officers Retired -Full List


Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has compulsorily retired yet another 15 very senior officers of the rank of Pr. CIT, CIT, JCIT, Addl CIT, ACIT today under Fundamental Rule 56 (J) in the public interest, due to corruption and other charges and CBI traps. It may be noted that 49 high ranking tax officers including 12 officers from CBDT were compulsorily retired by Modi Government under Fundamental Rule 56(J) earlier this year.   Details of present cases are as below:

  1. IRS Officer -Batch 88- then CIT (Appeals)-II Lucknow had decided the appeal of an Advocate who had been representing the case of the officer before Hon’ble CAT, Lucknow Bench.
  2. IRS Officer -Batch 8 , PCIT(OSD), Chennai: caught by CBI, Cochin on bribery charges , had also purchased an Apple i-Pad through ITO and did not make any payment for the same. His prosecution was sanctioned on 2.5.2018 and a departmental chargesheet was issued to the officer in October last year.
  3. IRS Batch 90, CIT: On charges of demand of bribe for registration of trust u/s 12AA and 80G of IT Act. It was alleged that he purchased a flat in Ashok Vihar, Delhi and handed over the same to his estranged wife by way of alimony . He had allegedly married another woman without any judicial separation/divorce .Thereby was also charged for committing bigamy.
  4. IRS -2002 Batch, JCIT: He was caught red-handed accepting brine from a taxpayer for passing a favourable assessment order.
  5. IRS 2008 ACIT (HQs): the then DCIT, Karimnagar had demanded bribe from a taxpayer for doing an official favour. He was apprehended by CBI and Rs. 24.60 lakh
  6. IRS 88 Batch : posted in Kolkata and Vishkahapatnam. Had allegedly acquired assets in his own name and in the name of his family members, which are disproportionate to the tune of more than Rs. 60 lakh to his known legal sources of income.
  7. IRS 2010, ACIT: the then ITO, Ward 10(2) Ahmedabad had demanded bribe from a taxpayer to settle the Income Tax Assessment of a relative of the complainant. He was apprehended by the ACB, Ahmedabad while accepting the bribe money of Rs. 15,000/-. Phenolphthalein stained currency notes were recovered from the shirt pocket of Shri Rakesh H. Sharma.
  8. IRS 2006 then DCIT, Sirsa, Haryana):  Shri Nitin Garg (06577)He had issued a notice to the complainant and had demanded bribe for not imposing heavy penalties. The complainant recorded the conversation with him wherein he had demanded the bribe and directed the complainant to handover the bribe amount to Shri Prince Kumar, an employee of his son.
  9. IRS 2007 Batch: On the basis of source information, the CBI special unit Chennai was monitoring telephone calls and recovered the bribe amount of Rs. 3 lakh from the table drawer .
  10. IRS 2001 ,Kolkata He had allegedly passed two sets of assessment orders, both dated 12.12.2007 and in the Demand & Collection Register, the original entry was erased with white fluid and substituted by the revised entry corresponding to total income of Rs. 59,09,538/-. Over writing in Demand & Collection register indicate that after the original assessment order was passed, another assessment order on the same date was passed with new lower total income and lower demand for malafide reasons.
  11. IRS 2010 -ACIT (OSD): Scrutiny assessment in the case of a corporate assesse for AY 2011-12 was transferred by the CIT, Thrissur from one officer to him , the then ACIT Circle 1(1) Palakkad. He demanded a bribe of Rs. 10 lakh from the directors of the said company. Caught red handed by the CBI team
  12. IRS -2010 – ACIT, Circle 1(1), Thrissur (OSD): In the same case as above.
  13. IRS 2007- DCIT, Ludhiana: The Income Tax Department had carried out Search & Seizure operations at various premises of a Group of companies. The Income Tax Returns of directors of the company and their family members for last 7 years were transferred to Income Tax Department, Ludhiana for re-assessment. He called up the complainant on phone and informed that he and his family members were likely to face heavy tax penalty and demanded a bribe of Rs.10 lakh for reducing the penalty. An accountant was apprehended by CBI and the bribe money of Rs. 6 lakhs was recovered from that chartered accountant, He gave statement that he had received the bribe amount on IRS officer’s behalf.
  14. IRS -94 Batch , JCIT: Range 31 Kolkata -Caught red-handed by CBI .
  15. IRS -90 Batch : Charge was that he returned the impounded documents of Survey , but informed his senior that it was not released.