Allotment Date Matters for Period of Holding in Case of Flats or Plot of Land!

When a flat owner desires or sells the flat , the one question which perplex him and his tax adviser is the counting of period of holding of the flat . The question which bothers everyone specially for a person who buys the flat or house from a builder is -which date -allotment date or Possession or Registration of Flat – should be taken for ascertaining period of holding so as to determine whether he/she has earned short term capital gains or long term capital gains. The answer to the question is very important because not only the tax rate will be less if it is long term capital asset , but even exemption like section 54 or 54EC can be claimed against  such gains. This site had published several articles on this issue to state that the crucial date is allotment date of flat . Now there are some more.

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