The appointment with means you are paying for the consultation with Prashant Thakur , founder of the site on Income Tax issues. This service is being started from 5th February 2018 on account of the request from several clients who have sought’s service over last four years.

Who Should use this service? provides almost all kinds of consultation through website. However ,if you have following types of jobs , book your time with me

  1. (i) Advise on tax issues related to family disputes
  2. (ii) Tax Planning Schemes
  3. (iii) Tax issues that you can not discuss over web
  4. (iv) Search & seizure case

For allĀ  others type of tax advise, use webservices

What you get

Each appointment will give client following advantages
1. Consultation on maximum five issues pertaining to Income Tax Act.
2. One case /issue involved in consultation, at the option of the client, will be followed by detailed written advice. On other issues, written advice can be given on additional charges which will be 50% of the published rates

Consultation Fee

Rs 15000 for 60 minutes slot

Refund Policy

The consultation fee, booked in advance is refundable as under :

(i) 100 % if cancelled 3 days from scheduled booking
(ii) 25% if cancelled upto 3 days
(iii) NIL if not attended


After booking pay for appointment

For confirmation , you need to pay . Once you pay ,the calendar for booking will appear for time. A confirmation mail with venue address will be sent to you by mail and SMS