How to know why you did not receive refund from CPC Banglore ?

Slowly but steady, the process of refund from income tax department is getting easier. Earlier , it was posted How to...

Can A.O adjust refund of one year with demand of another year?

It just happens so often that tax demand is raised on account of processing u/s 143(1) or scrutiny order u/s 143(3) of the Income Tax Act. You are convinced that the demand raised by the income tax department is wrong or bogus for any reason and has filed either 154 petition or made an appeal to authorities.Suddenly , you see that refund of earlier year or subsequent year is adjusted without your knowledge. Can A.o do that?

Quote TDS return filing number to get refund !

One more steps for claiming refund from income tax department ! Be careful to fill out the return of income and if you want refund of tax deducted .Now CBDT has come out with a new rule that a taxpayer will have to quote the receipt number of the TDS return filed by the deductor in order to get the refund

How to view details of received refunds in Annual tax Statement ?

It is already posted How To View or Verify TDS or TCS or Tax Paid By You Online At One Place ?NSDL now...

How to rectify any mistakes in the name, assessment year, PAN, account number printed...

You already know how to check status of tax  refund online and  what should  be done in case you did not receive the refund...

Check income tax online refund status ?

Update: Online Refund Status Can be checked easily. Under income tax law , a person need not claim refund separately if he/she or it had...

Filing of return is only way to get Refund of TDS deducted on...

I have already made posting about how to prevent tds on interest income. . However , Sri J.B. Verma has asked  "TDS has been deducted by my bank on the interest on Fixed Deposits Receipts though I have no taxable income & PAN No.. What should I do to get refund from Income Tax Deptt. ?

Can One Get Refund Without Filing Return of Income?

Question on income tax refund claim out of excess tds. For the financial year 2009-10, I earned Rs1.5 lakhs by doing part time job for 2 companies. Both these companies deducted TDS from each months salary. Firstly I would like to know since I do not fall under a tax bracket, was it necessary to file for any

What Should be Done In Case You Receive Refund Less Than Claimed?

I am an NRI from US. My only income in India is from House Property. My father is 75 years.; has filed my IT Return as Representative Assessee.He is not well. For AY 2008-09:-. i. Income House Property: 1 Apr 2007 to 31 Mar 2008. Rs 2,20,000/- 2. Tax (House tax) Rs 10010/ 3. 30%

Should TDS From Prize Money Be Refunded To A Person Having No Taxable Income?

I want to know about TDS, since I won a contest in which I got 1 Lakh cash prize and TDS of 33.6% is deducted from that amount, since I am a student with no income, so whether that amount will be refunded to me and if yes how. Atul Vohra , Shimla No, the
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