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Share business are not separately dealt by Income Tax Act. But there are quite a few provisions under teh Tax Act which affect the share business.

Futures & Options

Is MCX Futures & Options Trade Speculative or Business Activity?

There is great confusion regarding the nature of Futures & Option (derivative) trades executed through MCX . The confusion has, perhaps, aggravated after the...

CBDT notifies Form 3BB for stock exchanges to detect tax evasion

Online share trading has just got another regulatory dose. This time exercise is for catching unscrupulous share & stock traders who tries...

Confusion regarding securities transaction tax (STT) on speculation loss simplified !

Securities Transaction Tax is now allowable as business expenditure from Assessment Year 2009-10. However, up to Asst year 2008-09 , the rebate is allowable...

Almost complete freeze on demat account transaction if PAN is not given !

The share market scam under which people were opening hundreds of demat accounts in one name and other name without quoting PAN and getting the initial public offers (IPOs) allotment by applying through different names , made SEBI to take tough stand. The share market watchdog issued directive for Know Your Client to Depository Participants under which PAN was required to be authenticated by the demat account holder. If PAN is not given , no shares could be transferred out of such unauthenticated demat accounts.

Is share trading by Investment company speculation ?

Some one asked on this blog on 23/10/06We are an investment company. Our funds are majorly deployed in granting loans and advances(more than 80%)....

Why you need not fill Form 10DB for share transaction?

Form 10 DB was a declaration as proof of securities transaction payments on the purchase or sale of shares and units. Now STT is allowed as business expense u/s 36(1) which is explained in posting titled Deduction of securties transaction tax (STT) from business or capital gains simplified !

Can You Deduct STT As Expense From Share Sale Income ?

The income from share transaction can occur in following forms 1. Share trading 2. Speculative trade 3. F & O transactions 4. Capital Gains Allowance of STT for First three types (1, 2 & 3) From Assessment Year Asst Year 2009-10 (FY 2008-09 ) , Securities Transaction Tax (STT) is defined as an expense u/s

Now Derivative Trading in Foreign Exchange Is Business Activity!

In India , there are two main commodity exchanges –Multi Commodity  Exchange of India Ltd (MCX )  and  National Commodity & Derivative Exchange Ltd...

Why Is F & O Transaction Business Activity From 25/1/2006 And Not From 1/4/2005?

Whether Trading in Nifty Futures, amount to trading in derivates and as a result not a speculative transaction as per the amendment to sec...

Can The Loss From F & O Be Adjusted With Brokerage Earned?

I am a sub broker.I am getting brokerage from the broker and they are deducting 10% TDS from me.I have huge loss this year...