Survey is an examination of books of accounts by the A.O . This exercise is conducted on the spot and in terms of provision u/s 133A of the Income Tax Act.

survey u/s 133A

S.C: Survey Statement u/s 133A has no evidentiary value !

During survey u/s 133A conducted by the income tax authorities, it is ritual to record survey statement of the assessee at the time of...

Survey u/s 133A : Why A.O Has No Power to Ask for Advance Tax...

Before , you proceed , please note that this post is not saying that A.O has no power to demand advance tax under I.T.Act...

How To Explain Undisclosed Purchase Caught in Survey u/s 133A?

X business premises has been surveyed U/s 133A of the Income tax Act. Those purchase invoice have been impounded for earlier year which has not been incorporated in his books. A.O. has issued notice U/s 148 of the I.T.Act and made addition u/s 69 of the Act, to the effect of Rs 800000/ out of



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