What Should be Done In Case You Receive Refund Less Than Claimed?

I am an NRI from US. My only income in India is from House Property. My father is 75 years.; has filed my IT Return as Representative Assessee.He is not well. For AY 2008-09:-. i. Income House Property: 1 Apr 2007 to 31 Mar 2008. Rs 2,20,000/- 2. Tax (House tax) Rs 10010/ 3. 30%

Approach Ombudsman of Bank For 15 G Grievance!

I have retired from Private Job and I have deposited all my PF & Gratuity in Fixed Deposit. Even after Filling up Form 15G,...

How Ombudsman Can help You To Settle Grievance?

Recently government , among many , new initiative to interact and better service to ordinary tax payers , have created the posts of ombudsman...
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