Gujarat proposes tallest statue in the world !

Gandhinagar, Feb 25 : A green cess on power generation and an increase in VAT on tobacco and its products and on mobile phones, all designed to net an additional Rs.524 crore, were among the highlights of Gujarat's surplus budget with an outlay of R...

VAT refund delay in West Bengal root cause for leather industry woes !

Indian Leather Products Association (ILPA) on Friday said the state government’s delay in VAT refunds, estimated at Rs 300 cr, to exporters was to be blamed for the fund crunches faced by the Rs 2500 crore leather industry in West Bengal. “...

Excise & VAT hike on Gold & precious metals jewellery in Karnataka

Bangalore, Feb 24 (PTI) The Karnataka government today raised additional excise duty to 20 per cent and VAT to 14 per cent in the general budget for 2011-12 and unveiled a first of the kind separate agriculture budget. A hike in excise and VAT would ma...

What Goods are exempt from VAT tax in Chandigarh?

(1)          Hand Hoe o r K h u r p a (2)        Si ckl e (3)          Spade (4)          Bagur i (5)          Han d - w h e e...

List of Goods exempt from sales tax or VAT in Bihar

Bihar Commercial tax department has exempted seventy broad categories of goods from any sales tax or VAT . These are 1. Agricultural implements manually operated or...

List of Goods Charged 1% VAT in Bihar

Bihar imposes only 1 % of value added tax (VAT ) on following goods 1. Gold, Silver and other precious metals. 2. Articles of gold, silver and precious...

AP Sales Tax : List of goods exempt

1. Agricultural implements manually operated or animal driven, hand operated sprayers including knapsack/backpack power sprayers (powered up to 35 cc engines developing 0.8 to 1.4    HP), dusters and parts thereof.

Changes in rate of tax and Amendment to VAT

Changes in rate of tax. Amendment to the Schedules under the Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act, 2002. Ref: 1) Notification issued by the Finance Department No. VAT/1509/CR- 156/Taxation-I dt. 10th March, 2010. 2)Notification issued by the Finance Department No VAT. 1509/CR-156/Taxation-1 dt. 30st March, 2010. While presenting the budget for the year 2010-11, Hon. Finance Minister announced that

Tax proposals extract from March 2010 Budget Speech

Hon’ble Speaker, I present the Part II of the Budget before the house. 1. Review of Revenue Receipts  – This Financial Year began on the backdrop of economic recession. Lower tax receipts were expected due to global recession. Even the Central Government had reduced its target of tax receipts. Considering this situation, the tax receipt target

Increase in MVAT Rates from 4% to 5%

The Maharashtra Government has issued notification No VAT-1510/CR 47/Taxation-1.- dated 10th March, 2010; increase in rates of MVAT from 4% to 5% on sales of all goods which are now taxable at 4%. However rates of taxes of goods declared u/s. 14 of CST Act, 1956 i.e. declared goods,  will continue to be taxed at
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