CBDT Circular on Section 2(18) Of The Income – Tax Act, 1961 – Company In Which Public Are Substantially Interested Whether Expression “The Public” Occurring In Clause (18)(B)(B)(I)(D) [As It Stood Before 2-4-1983] Includes Public Outside India As Well


SECTION 2(18) OF THE INCOME – TAX ACT, 1961 – COMPANY IN WHICH PUBLIC ARE SUBSTANTIALLY INTERESTED WHETHER EXPRESSION “THE PUBLIC” OCCURRING IN CLAUSE (18)(B)(B)(I)(D) [AS IT STOOD BEFORE 2-4-1983] INCLUDES PUBLIC OUTSIDE INDIA AS WELL LETTER : F. NO. 234/13/70-IT (AUDIT), DATED 18-1-1972 Whether expression “the public” occurring in clause (18)(b)(B)(i)(d) [as it stood before…

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