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If you desire to understand the faceless scrutiny meaning, I can use just one phrase ” examination of a tax return by authorities without knowing the taxpayer in person “.Faceless scrutiny or faceless assessment was introduced in the year 2019. Now it is running in full swing. The faceless assessment has definitely helped the common taxpayer in many ways. Like you do not have to sit for hours before an assessing officer, or you do not have to make rounds of the income tax office just to get to know why the notice was issued. You are also saved from threats or other problems as we have now a robust , transparent and evidence-based digital faceless tax proceedings.

Faceless assessment procedure in short

Faceless assessment scheme involves the latest digital technology like Automated Examination Tool, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning for a risk management system. Practically, it starts with the selection of cases for scrutiny. This process is completely Artificial Intelligence-based with auto-selection of cases based on certain inputs.

  • Once your case is selected for faceless assessment, you will get a notice u/s 143(2) intimating that your total income for the assessment year concerned will be passed after scrutinising.
  • Your case will be allotted to an assessing unit which is selected by the computer. This unit will definitely not be based in your city.
  • You will be asked to answer certain questionnaires and may also be required to submit documents u/s 142(1).
  • There will be a time limit within which you must reply to notices by the department.
  • When you reply to tax notices, it is forwarded to a different unit than the unit that sent you the questionnaire u/s 142(1).
  • An optional opportunity for a video hearing is available for the taxpayer.
  • If any verification is required, a separate unit (other than the assessing unit) will handle it.
  • Finally, an assessment order will be passed and served to you by mail.

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How we handle faceless scrutiny ?

Our complete faceless assessment package answer your main question “How do I respond to a faceless assessment notice?” after you receive a notice in your inbox. So, here are summary of how do we handle the scrutiny notices on your behalf.

  1. It starts with your payment and submitting the form to us along with notices served by the income tax department.
  2. We connect with you (your authorised person ) and communicate through email and other digital mediums.
  3. After this, you sit and relax.
  4. We monitor the communication regarding the notice and prepare the reply for you to submit.
  5. All replies will be prepared in the best of your interest, legally and honestly.
  6. Those replies shall be submitted within time by you ( we can also if authorised by you )
  7. We also attend Video hearing as your authorised representative if you authorise us.
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What we do not offer under complete scrutiny handling package ?

We do not offer a guarantee of favourable assessment from authorities. What we offer under this service of handling your scrutiny case is preparing a legally and factually sound reply that conveys your position on any issue that is raised by the assessing authorities.

We do not offer any service for preparing appeal filing that may arise as a consequence of assessment order passed for which you buy the complete package. Similarly, we do not offer for creating replies to penalty proceedings that arise as a consequence of the assessment order passed for which you buy the complete package. We have covered appeal and penalty under a separate package.

We also do not offer any telephone call time for tax advisory on any tax matter. We may however contact you over phone for understanding your case and facts associated with the tax return under scrutiny by the tax department