Faceless Scrutiny Service For You

The Finance Minister recently announced the governments resolve to completely change the way income tax scrutiny is conducted every year. The stories of harassment and related corruptions pour into agencies and higher authorities of government. Read this

Faceless Scrutiny Procedure

  1. The biggest change brought in, is that the officer who will be passing the assessment order will not be from a place where you file your tax return. The case may be assigned to an officer by the computer to an officer of a very distant place.
  2. Then the questions related to your case will be prepared by separate officers, who will upload it to the Central Hub (processing centre). You will see those notice of enquiry by logging to the official tax site and also in your registered email
  3. The officer in charge of assessment will see the questionnaire and your replies and will pass an order of assessment.

Faceless scrutiny handling by taxworry.com

Prashant Thakur, owner of www.taxworry.com gives this service of handling scrutiny cases . He has spent twenty years with tax department took early VRS and started this site for provide workd class tax service to common man . You can read more about him here

geared to provide fair and honest tax practice to the taxpayer. For last five years, this website has resolved hundreds of problems narrated by chartered accountants,other tax practitioners and common tax payers. So here is how taxworry.com will provide the digital  scrutiny representation…

Step 1: You received the scrutiny or reassessment notice. Contact us by filling out the form given below. Since the scrutiny is faceless, it has to be handled through web tools.

Step 2: We will contact you and quote you our service fee ( one time only)

Step 3: You pay the amount ……..after that you get a written agreement authorizing us to reply notices and documents as asked by the department.

Step 4: A dedicated tax pro with mobile number will be allotted to you for consultation over phone/skype or email.

Once you opt for this service, every notice, query and questions posed by the A.O is our responsibility!

You remain in peace. That is our motto !