How to Find if You Are Tax Resident Alien or Non Resident Alien Under US Tax Law


Most important and fundamental step for knowing tax effect under USA tax regime regulated by IRS under Internal Revenue Code is to determine tax residency under US Code 26 . This is because If you are tax resident, law of taxation is differently applied on you than when you are non-resident alien. In that case  , completely different provisions of IRC i.e US tax law applies . Further , it may happen that you are tax resident as well as no- resident for the same year. In that case , your status is a Dual Status for which separate taxation law are there in statute book. So, determination of tax residency is most important and actually the first step .

The designation of resident for tax purposes is completely separate from your immigration status. You might qualify as a resident for tax purposes while remaining a non immigrant alien for immigration purposes.

Tax Residency Calculator has following finders and modules to assist anyone who desire to check if he/she is resident of USA for tax purpose.

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2. Exempt Individual Finder

3. Days Not Counted for Tax Residency

4. First Choice Year Finder

5. Quiz on Tax Residency Calculator


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