Huge seizure of diamond and gold force I.T Department to intensify vigilance on all Airports


loose-diamonds Recent seizure of Rs 8.3 crore worth of diamonds from the IGI airport, New Delhi  here by the income tax department , has compelled department to  alert its air intelligence units at all airports in the country.It is noteworthy that department  detected unaccounted wealth of Rs 33 crore after scanning of air couriers as concealed cash and jewellery were detected in the last three months.

The department has seized about 30 kilograms of gold and seized Rs three crore cash from air travellers at various airports including at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Ahmedabad during the same period.

The I-T department has established its air intelligence units at prominent airports across the country and is planning to expand them to other smaller airports.These units are manned by I-T officials and they work in close co-ordination with the Customs, Immigration and police officials posted at the airports.According to official data,

  1. at Mumbai airport it seized Rs 1.5 crore in December which led to a disclosure of Rs 6.33 crore.

    15 kilogram gold was seized at IGI airport,

  2. Rs 57 lakh at Patna airport,
  3. Rs 38 lakh at Chennai airport,
  4. 5 kilograms gold at Vishakhapatnam and
  5. 4.5 kilograms gold at Coimbatore airport in the last three months.
  6. The department also seized 20,000 Pounds at the Kolkata airport which were being sent in a courier in December last year.


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