Meaning of “Company”

Case Name : ITO Vs. Dinesh k. Shah

Citation : [1997] 223 ITR 68 (mad.)

Court : Madras High Court

Section : 275a to 280

Meaning : Section 278b of the act deals with offences committed by the companies. The definition of ‘company’ for the purpose of the said section includes ‘a firm’. Therefore, the word ‘company’ used in section 278b of the act has to be so understood as to include a firm.

Case Name : Sandeep S. Shah Vs. ITO

Citation : [2000] 73 itd 313 (mad.-Trib.)

Court : Itat-madras

Section : 88

Meaning : The word ‘company’ appearing in item (b) of section 88(2)(xv) would not include, aop, partnership and other combination of individuals.

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