Naming & Shaming May Not Work! But One Unheard of Power with CCIT Can Do Wonders to Recover the Outstanding Tax

This post is being written after reading a news in yesterday's edition of Times of India that income tax department is going to expand the Name and Shame list to include all kinds of tax defaulters having in excess of 1 Crore of demands. The news reads as under :


  • IT department has been publishing the names of tax defaulters in leading national dailies since last year and has named 67 such defaulters till now
  • It has decided to 'name and shame' all category of taxpayers including personal and corporate taxpayers who have a default of Rs 1 crore and above by March, 31

I have serious doubt that in a country where the publicly known criminals and  corrupt persons are enjoying powers of all sorts shamelessly  , this name and shame list  will work on them.  But this post is placing a suggestion to the government and the tax administrators to use an unheard power of chief Commissioner of income tax to put more pressure on listed tax defaulters. This power , I believe , once used by religiously following law and rules, will place a lot of anxiety , specially on tax defaulters who are wealthy otherwise and enjoying all the goodness of life despite having huge tax demands. One example is of Oh La La tune persons who is twiting from UK . IS it not a public knowledge that more than 100 crores of tax demand related to TDS is on his company. Well  I am not going to argue whether he is person responsible for tax demand. That is matter of examination of fact. Let us continue on the topic about "one Unheard Power fo CCIT.........."

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