No Service Tax Liability for Freelancers Even if Money Was Received in Indian Currency ?

There is a huge confusion among  thousands of freelancers in India , many of who are youngsters & earning income from blogging or programming  through various online platforms . They earn money from online advertising programs like -adsense or  online market place like- clickbank , jvzoo ,etc. These freelancers get money in their bank account , in most cases, through paypal which transfer money in Indian currency .

Now , I am aware that many online articles are written so callously that ordinary freelancers are completely confused about the liability of service tax on their earnings from export of services . I have already posted why freelancers earning from export of services are not taxable under Finance Act 1994. In this post , I am going to bust a myth  , perpetrated by half baked articles on many websites - including some of the professionals , why , even if money for exports are received in Indian currency , you still do not have to worry about the service tax. 

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