What Should be PAN Affidavit Format for HUF & Should it be Notorized or Validated by Magistrate ? ?


The PAN application rules have been changed and a few more reguation , tightening the process of issue of PAN card have been put in place. Rule 114 of Income Tax Rule has been changed recently and now an HUF is required to submit affidavit by its Karta of the said Hindu Undivided Family stating the name, father’s name and address of all the coparceners on the date of application . So , the new problems has arisen and various questions , as below , related to affidavits are arising in a HUF tax payer.

  1. Should the affidavit be on self oath or notarized or sworn before a Magistrate?
  1. Should the affidavit be judicial stamp paper or non-judicial stamp paper or on a plain paper?
  2. What should be stamp duty on such affidavits for PAN ? Should it be Rs 10 Stamp paper or RS 20 or Rs 50 ?
  3. What should be the format of such affidavit?
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