Profession tax payment due date extended to 31st July 2010 !


The Government of Maharashtra has extended the Due Date for payment of Profession Tax for the FY 2010-2011 to 31st July, 2010.

Please Note

The Profession Tax Department has allotted new Enrollment and Registration Numbers. The new Enrollment Numbers starts with “99” and ends with the alphabet “P” whereas the new Registration Numbers starts with “27” and ends with the alphabet “P”.

If you are holding VAT or CST TIN Number and your Profession Tax Registration Number starting with “27” is not identical to the VAT or CST TIN expect the last alphabet, apply to the concerned Profession Tax Officer to allot the identical profession Tax TIN No with ending alphabet “P”.

As the Banks are not accepting the payment of Profession Tax unless you have mentioned the new Profession Tax Numbers, all are requested to check the new numbers and if not found, apply and get the new Numbers. As the allottment of new numbers will take time, avoid last rush to make the payment in extended time.