Professional Reply to Tax Notice – Pay & Get it in 2 Days !

Income tax department usually sends notices for assessment u/s 143(2) , reassessment notices u/s 148 of the Income Tax Act or notices of enquiry u/s 133(6) under which various types of questions are asked . Reply to such notices within time is an essential and statutory requirement because the notices are issued under the law.

Scrutiny Notice u/s 143(2) or Section 142(1) for Regular assessment

  1. For reply to scrutiny notice u/s 143(2) or 142(1) having more than three tax queries  charge is Rs 9900


  1. We have a scrutiny reply package under which , when we accept your case , any number of replies to notices related to a scrutiny case will be handled by us till the final assessment order without a single paise cost. Click and fill details  scrutiny package and we will let you know whether we take up your scrutiny case and if yes  the package cost

For All other types of notices ( Except Transfer pricing cases)

The charge is Rs 4900 per notice.

You send SCANNED notice copy by uploading the file after paying Rs 4900 .

See the image below the whole process