Two Tax Officers Arrested on Bribery Charge !


Two income tax officials  caught red-handed while accepting ₹10 lakh as bribe by the CBI anti-corruption wing in Kochi. The CBI team  had laid a trap on a complaint filed by a businessman . As per the trap,the businessman was asked to hand over ₹10 lakh to the officials at a second-floor apartment in Thrissur.However, the official smelled about the raid and threw the cash outside window. CBIT , then arrested the tax official and also collected the cash from road.

The arrested officials are  Assistant Commissioners P Jose Kunhippalu and Vincent Joseph in Thrissur. As per CBI officials total demand of bribe of Rs 10 Lakh for reducing the demand of 50 Lakh to RS 1 lakh .

The complainant , a granite businessman , had alleged that he was regularly paying income tax as per his business transactions. The Income tax authorities had issued a notice to his firm during 2012 stating therein that they wanted to scrutinise the accounts of his firm for the financial year 2010-11. The CBI said the auditor later informed the complainant that his firm’s account records were scrutinized by Jose and he allegedly sent a message through the auditor that he has to pay a Rs 50 lakh penalty for the contravention of the I-T Act and Rules and he allegedly demanded Rs 10 lakh as bribe to settle the matter.