What Should You Do On Receipt Of Reassessment Notice?

It is general practice in the Income Tax Department not to attach the reasons for reopening an assessment or for a notice of reassessment u/s 148 of the Income Tax Act. So , the tax payer remains puzzled . One reader veegoyal@………. in this regard asked following question related to reassessment notice
Can assessing officer issue notice u/s 148 on the basis of report of investigation wing. Is reassessment u/s 147 valid despite the fact he has given the reasons of opening case that investigation department has carried out investigation and found that assessee had escaped income. I think in this case assessing officer has no personal or independent reasons and has not applied his own mind. If we do not comply the notice and proceeding then ex-parte assessment will be valid or against us. what should we do?
From the question above , following issues are required to be answered
  1. One whether an A.O can issue notice for reassessment on the basis of information given by other persons like Audit or Investigation wing or some other source?
  2. What should be proper course of action for you in case a notice for reassessment is served.
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