Meaning of “Income-tax”

Case Name : CIT Vs. K. Srinivasan

Citation :[1972] 83 ITR 346 (SC)

Court : Supreme Court

Section : 4

Meaning : The expression ‘income-tax’ used in the finance act and the income-tax act includes surcharge and additional surcharge wherever provided in the act. The surcharge, the special surcharge and the additional surcharge form part of the income-tax and super tax and are not separate taxes by themselves.

Case Name : Bank Of India, In Re

Citation :[2007] 165 TAXMAN 627 (AAR – NEW DELHI)

Court : Aar

Section : 115J

Meaning : The expression ‘income-tax’ is used in section 115ja in a general sense, and not with reference to the income-tax chargeable under the provisions of the act alone. There is no justification to restrict the scope of the expression ‘income-tax’ to indian income-tax only.

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