Meaning of “Institution”

Case Name : ITO  Vs. Model Institute Of Education & Research

Citation :[2001] 77 ITD 375 (ASR. – TRIB.)

Court : ITAT-Amritsar

Section : 10(22)

Meaning : The word ‘institution’ should not be linked with the status provided in the act. The institution can have any status, can be a company, trust, firm or any other institution. Liberal interpretation should be given to the word ‘institution’. The institution for tax purpose may have status defined by the income-tax act but is not linked with any particular status.

Case Name : CIT  Vs. Charat Ram Foundation

Citation :[2001] 116 TAXMAN 255/250 ITR 64 (DELHI)

Court : Delhi High Court

Section : 13

Meaning : The word ‘institution’ in the phrase ‘charitable institution’ has been held to mean institutions in the sense in which boards of trade and chambers of commerce are institutions. Such, for example, as a charity organisation society or a society for the prevention of cruelty to children.

Case Name : Shri Ram Scientific & Industrial Research Foundation Vs. Addl. DIT

Citation :[2005] 93 ITD 223 (DELHI – TRIB.)

Court : ITAT-Delhi

Section : 35

Meaning : The expression ‘other institution’ is meant to be an institution imparting education in any discipline which may, in addition, carry out scientific research.

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