No Reward to Informer for Income Tax Evasion Information !

Reward to informer was one very old policy of the Department of Revenue .However , there has been a recent change in thinking about the reward to informer. SO, in 2015 , if you are thinking of earning any reward for information about concealed income or wealth of a person who is evading tax by providing information to income tax department then the news is sad for you. The government now does not intend to give any reward to the informer completely as far as information about the concealed information is concerned.

Position changed ! Read fresh development on reward scheme as on 25th April 2018 . How to Get Reward upto Rs 5 Crore from Income Tax Department ?

However, the government has continued the reward scheme in case of tax evasion of indirect tax @ 20% . So , if you desire to earn income by providing the tax evasion info , find out about indirect tax evasion . If you want to earn income from Income Tax department , then there is still chance , but only if the information about the hidden wealth of the TAX defaulters who have already been assessed but the department fails to collect the tax for the paucity of information about income and wealth of tax defaulters.

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